Friday, January 1, 2010

What I like about you...

Apparently my boyfriend doesn't think I am too positive about him on this little blog that nobody reads. So I will say some nice things...

I like that you're really smart but you don't going around flaunting it with those $3 words. You sit back and let people underestimate you which may make the the smartest one of all.

I like it when I get excited about something, you do too.

I like how you call it like you see it. You see the situation for what it is and make those around you see the obviousness of it all.

I like that you have no atrocious habits: picking your nose, not showering regularly, sticking your fingers in your ears.

I like how you really notice things, be it the sky on a pleasant day or whether I moved the incense burner.

I like how you go above and beyond the call of duty not to kill spiders.

I like how you don't baby talk to anything.

I like that you are handy and can fix things.

I like how you know exactly what I am thinking most of the time and know me so well that you predict my reactions.

I like that you don't hold my weaknesses against me or- even worse- play upon them.

I like the way your face looks in the bed at night where you are looking to the side and your eyes are partly open.

I like your chubby, soft cheeks.

I like the way you cook.

I like how you are always thinking about something off the wall when I think you are thinking about something obvious.

I like that when we travel you will do anything no matter how inane.

I like that when you try, you give bad presents and when you don't you give great ones.

I like how when you find something funny you let out a loud laugh and clap your hands loudly.

I like that you are utterly lacking in pretension.

I like that you have stretchy elbow skin that I can pull like taffy.

I like that you somewhat get into the terrible television I watch even though I know you would rather be watching Mythbusters.

I like that you look like a Mexican and are in denial about it.

I like that you aren't obsessed with me.

I like your hair and body.

I like that I can go on about having crushes on people and you don't get offended at all.

I like that I can be completely honest with you even when it is blatantly painful to hear.

I like that you get me breakfast on important days where I am dreading getting up.

I like that you drink liquids slower than I thought humanly possible.

I like when you watch horror movies with me, even though you detest them.

I like how you give me trust and freedom.

I like how your smile brightens up my life.

I like how you genuinely want to help people and often do.

I like that you never lost your vivid imagination that all kids have.

I like that although you are an optimist, you thoroughly understand cynicism.

There are more things I like about you and more that I don't. That's how relationships are and, providing they are healthy, there are more likes than dislikes. That, or the dislikes are minutia.

The thing I like about you the most is that you are in love with me and I am in love with you. Almost six years and no change...

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